Helping you and your child to navigate life’s ups and downs

Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Children and parents today seem more stressed than ever. Often both parents are working full time and managing to balance family needs with work stressors. I help parents support children who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression. I use play and creative arts techniques to engage and develop a relationship with your child to best support them.  I can work with you and your child to help reduce family stress so you can get back to enjoying family  time. 

Parenting Support

Parent coaching is judgement-free and confidential. I teach calm discipline techniques that are research backed and easy to apply. Parent-child relationships have a lasting impact on a child’s emotional well-being, basic coping and problem solving abilities, and relationships with others. Children who are nurtured through childhood are more likely to thrive. I can help you resolve parent-child relationship issues and get back to thriving.

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions for youth ages 3 and up.  Parent support and coaching

45 Minute Session $160 

Intake 60 minute $180


Family Therapy

Family sessions to address parent-child relationship issues


Family Session 45-60 minutes $160 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Play Therapy?

Play is a child’s lanuage. When playing we express thoughts and feelings that may otherwise remain hidden. Play therapy is recommended for children ages 3 through 12.

How do I get started?

Contact me via phone or  schedule a free consult at a convenient time via my client portal.  We will discuss your concerns and determine if play therapy is right for our family’s needs.  

How long are sessions?

Typically sessions last 45-55 minutes. Intake can last 60 minutes so there is time to review paperwork and discuss goals.

How many sessions will my child need?

Each client’s needs and length of treatment vary. We will discuss goals of treatment and estimated time frames during the first session.

Do you take my insurance?

I am currently in-network with Cigna.  If you have other insurance, I can provide a superbill which you submit for reimbursement.  

Please verify your insurance coverage for mental health benefits.  You may have a co-pay or co-insurance as well as a deductible.  You can verify your benefits by calling the member services number on the back of your insurance card.  Questions to ask your insurance- Does my insurance cover mental health outpatient services? Do I have a deductible? At what rate will my sessions be covered?

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